Designed with Carly Cheng
                           Casey Gustafson
                           Max Werner

In collaboration with Teague Aviation Studio
January – March 2018
Design an interior for a commercial space tourism capsule in the year 2030.
What are some of the challenges that non-astronauts would face on their first time in space?

To find out, we ran a few immersion studies.
Space is physically and emotionally taxing.
Learning to live without gravity isn’t just a physical challenge. It’s a mental one too. Not only does it affect your eyes, your sleep, and more, it frustrates people when they can’t get it right.
Close quarters breed conflict, even within friends.
In a small space, even the smallest things can annoy others. People need to be able to spend time alone, in order to make their group time more enjoyable.
Space should be experienced by people together. Both the wonders and the frustrations too. But for this to happen, people need to be able to live with each other.
How can we design a space that promotes both
social unity and personal agency from within?
To design for the journey, we mapped out each and every event. We then boiled this down to a an ideal storyboard of 6 main events.
Welcome to Orbit!
Ad Astra is a space capsule for 4 travellers, plus a crew in the back. We created two "rooms," with two bathrooms in between the tourist and crew spaces.
Here's some process: