25 Drydock Ave.
Boston, MA 02210

Reebok Classics Footwear Design
June 2018 – June 2019
I’m spending one year at the Reebok HQ in Boston to work as a Classics footwear designer! I can’t show you all of it, but here’s what I’ve worked on so far:
— 7 new uppers
— 2 new toolings
— 2 OG bringbacks
— Victoria Beckham collaboration
— William Chan collaboration
— Instapump Fury color capsule
— Chinese New Year color capsule
— Close-to-market asks
STEP was one of Reebok’s defining, female-focused programs in the 90’s. With women-specific sneakers making a big impact in today's industry, how can Reebok bring back that same energy?
Trail is a trend that has trickled down from high fashion — behind it lies a need for everyday function. This project explores trail inspired shoes for the urban commuter.
The Classic Leather and Club C are two of Reebok’s iconic sneakers. How can we emphasize and reimagine the pattern pieces through the lens of the 2000’s trend?
The Aztrek ‘93 paved the way for Reebok in 2018 — inspired by it’s off-road history and an archive running model, I created the Aztrek Hike Hi running boot.